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A well travelled customer – Lyn C  from Goolwa sent me this great email… 

Get out and about 🙂

I have just returned from my travels in Europe and, as promised, have some photos of my rollator being used in different locations.

I was able to get around to lots of places with my machine that caused quite a lot of interest. The tyres will probably need a retread as we covered a lot of territory.

We didn’t wrap the rollator while flying but added extra strapping to hold it closed and put some padding to protect the handles/brake controls. We did 5 plane flights as well as 16 train trips in Europe and in UK which was a challenge for getting on and off as most trains in Europe had 2 or 3 steps to negotiate, even though the doors were marked with the disabled sign! I wouldn’t have been able to cope as well as I did without my rollator which worked as both a support for me and a carrier for my luggage.

Over a period of 4 weeks we spent a little time in Kuala Lumpur before travelling to Amsterdam and then Germany. We travelled on the EuroStar to England and spent time in Cornwall and in Ayreshire Scotland. We then went to Holland and then finished our travels in Ieper/Ypres in Belgium which included a trip to the Somme in France. We flew back to Australia from Amsterdam via KL, flying near the fatal region in Ukraine (very worrying!).

The trip enabled my husband to attend an international archery tournament as Head Judge in Germany, for us to do some family history research and meet previously unknown relatives in UK and to represent our town at an international Cittaslow Assembly in The Netherlands. Being able to spend some time in the WW1 Battle Fields was very special as we were able to visit locations pertinent to family history war action and to learn a lot about that incredible part of Australia’s history.

It was an interesting observation from our part that there were not a lot of people in the tourist areas using walkers so I would certainly encourage others to venture out and make use of their Volaris Rollators because they can stand up to the challenge.  In the German town of Ennigerloh where we spent several days, there were a lot of walkers being used (the town has several senior citizens’ accommodation).  Their walkers were more like the Volaris Rollator, with a sturdy construction, although I didn’t see any exactly like mine. My husband John noticed lots of impressed looks at my machine as we walked around and as one of the photos shows, the coach driver in Holland was very happy to pose with it! When we went on a canal tour in Amsterdam, the boat captain stored the Rollator in a special location for me. In the new tram that goes from the Edinburgh Airport into Edinburgh CBD caters very well for walkers – the entry levels are perfect and there is easy storage on board.

The fact that the Volaris Rollator can fold up in a standing position was welcomed by cafe/restaurant owners because it didn’t take up too much space when not being used. Although the Rollator was expensive, it has been worth every cent.  As I expect to have to use it for a few years to come, it has been a worthwhile investment. You can’t put a price on quality of life, and using the Volaris Rollator has made it possible for me to do so much more.

Thanks for your support.

Kind regards


Rollator Abroad in Amsterdam Rollators Kings PalaceRollators in Scotland



We received the rollator on March 27 as promised. Frank is thrilled with it and everyone says he walks better and faster with it. He is like a kid with a new toy.  

Thank you so much for all of the time you took to help us. We can never thank you enough. People are really interested in the product so we will give you a mention. 

Again thank everyone in your company who took the time to help us. Your compassion and dedication are exceptional. 

Thank You,

Carol Johnson

 Thanks to the S7 Rollator, I will now be able to march on Anzac day.

Thanks Lyn and Janelle, I appreciate your help, and I will let you know how it goes.

My mates will be very surprised!

John P 
2/1 Pioneer Battalion

After some months usage of my rollator, I would like to say it is very easy to use and lift. The brakes are exceptional and turning circle is the best I have tried. Thanks for making our lives easier for it.

Rob Keane

How the Volaris S7 rollator has changed Mum’s life:

Mum (Inga) is now able to take her dog “Corey” for a walk.

With her old rollator, Mum got sore hands and wrists when walking over paved areas.

She is now planning an overseas trip using her rollator.

She is able to potter around the garden.

When she injured her knee recently, she was even able to use the rollator to help move her from the bedroom to the bathroom – she sat on the seat while somebody pushed!

All in all it has been a wonderfull investment.


I feel safe, stable and secure with the Sensational S7 rollator. I feel fitter every day it’s the best investment I have made in many years.

J Painter, Narrandera

I took the rollator to Wollombi market on Monday as I thought it would be a good test, the ground of the market being usually used as a cow paddock and therefore very uneven. The rollator performed brilliantly and I was able to walk around for some considerable time having a look at the various stalls. Normally I would have only been able to do this for about half an hour before my back gave in. This time I spent nearly two hours and still had no back pain at the end of this time. The rollator received plenty of attention and compliments as I walked around.

My sister who is disabled tells me that she was advised to name all her aids so as to make them familiar to her and so she would not refer to them disparagingly as ‘the walker I have’ etc.  So in the spirit of this I have named my rollator Fast Eddie.  Fast because he is fast and Eddie because he has a scissor action and special handgrips and this brings to mind one of my favourite films Edward Scissorhands, so Fast Eddie he is, and I am very glad to have him.

Thankyou for your kindness, we especially appreciated the cup of coffee.


Marion O.

Since coming home again, I have been walking regularly with Joanie and I am feeling positive benefits. I have lost 2kg in weight and I feel improved muscle tone in my legs. I also feel that my vascular system is benefiting and I am experiencing much reduced fluid retention in my feet. All is good!

Thank you for the Backrest which I feel is an essential part of the Rollator. As well as giving me just that little bit of support when I stop for a breather on our walks, I appreciate knowing that if I happen to topple a bit I won’t fall out the back of the thing.


I was motivated to purchase a Volaris rollator as I wanted something lighter to travel with. This along with the very quick and helpful assistance received from Milan Lesnansky made my decision to purchase the rollator easy.

Since returning from a weeks holiday including train, car, and walking travel I have continued to enjoy my rollator. I love that I feel in control of where and how I go.

It being light weight, and quick and easy to fold up, is an absolute bonus to me and my carers! People have approached me about the rollator. I think because it looks good and I seem comfortable using it. The rollator stylish appearance and functionality do get noticed.

I am yet to find a surface it does not roll over easily – it even handles pavement pot-holes that I have not avoided. In addition to it being light weight I am very impressed by its brakes, ease of manoeuvrability and comfy seat. I feel safe with this rollator – even when visiting new places.

In short, I love my Volaris rollator,

Doe, NSW

In Christmas 08, my children gave me a Rollator, It has been the most amazing machine! I am 85 and my mobility and balance is not good. The Rollator has given me more confidence and has allowed me once more to walk to the shops and interact with friends and the community. The bigger wheels are a boon on the uneven surfaces you encounter in the country. I am a member of a men’s group and the S7 Rollator has enabled me to participate more completely in our outings.

The Rollator is much admired for its smart design and versatility, it has enabled me to return to the family farm and observe the day-to-day activities.

All-in all the S7 Rollator has had a big impact on my current life and activities.

Yours Sincerely,


Some observations on our mother’s experience with the Volaris S7.

  • my mother’s regular falls have stopped, in fact she has not had one since she changed to the Volaris S7. The family’s view is that the Volaris is quite a heavy and stable and that even if she doesn’t take hold of in squarely it  remains stable – it also doesn’t slip away in the way her last one did.
  • her general physical strength has improved significantly. My sister (a trained occupational therapist) and I have speculated that because the Volaris is heavier and there is greater resistance.I wonder at always trying to make this type of equipment lighter.  For some users having  weight may be important for the above reasons. I am not sure if there has been any work done in this direction, in may be interesting to know.

I will be visiting my mother in early July and will send a couple of photos after the visit.

In summary my mother and the family have been very pleased or rather extremely pleased with the machine and the possible outcomes of its use.



I have been using my rollator for a while now.  I like that it is very light and easy to put in the boot of the car when we go shopping in Dubbo.  I haven’t got a photo with my rollator yet but I will take one very soon and I will send it on.



Some 10 months down the track now the Rollator is now a core part of (my father's) mobility strategy.

Thank you

Mathew W.

Keeping Up With My Wife

Gday Milan,

Well I can’t really match her pace but I can walk WITH HER now!

Over the weekend had a couple of walks of about 2 kilometres each.

Took a couple of rests along the way but that’s OK.

The furthest and “quickest” I have walked for a few years!

Many thanks. Will keep in touch.

Regards, Allan.

I was the lady that brought the rollator for her dad. Dad has been using the rollator only since the middle of April as he has had his hip done again. He is 74 and is using it very well, the seat is at a great height (for anybody that has had a hip replacement).

Everybody who see it asks about it and I have had to copy your web page for a couple in Bowral.

My dad is very happy and so am I.

Thanking you


This to thank you and your staff for the very efficient and kind service given to me last Thursday when I purchased a Volaris rollator.